What is breeder: Definition and 14 Discussions

A breeder is a person who selectively breeds carefully selected mates, normally of the same breed to sexually reproduce offspring with specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics. This might be as a farmer, agriculturalist, or hobbyist, and can be practiced on a large or small scale, for food, fun, or profit.

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  1. E

    Breeder fuel efficiency question

    I've looked reasonably to see if I could find this answer, I'm not a nuke engineer so perhaps my search terms are not correct. I've seen the fuel cycle charts (eg:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium_fuel_cycle, but not clear how to work from this to a percentage mass consumed) I'm interested...
  2. Zackary Miller

    Engineering Good Textbooks on Fast Reactors and/or Breeder Reactors?

    Does anyone know of any good textbooks on fast reactors and/or breeder reactors?
  3. N

    We *already built* the light water breeder?

    In another thread http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shippingport_Atomic_Power_Station was mentioned. I went to the link, thinking "okay, I remember this one, the first commercial reactor exclusively for electricity generation, not weapon needs. Mostly only historical interesting..." I was reading...
  4. mesa

    Are MSR thorium breeder cycles a good option for our energy future?

    I would imagine it could be difficult to make drastic changes to current nuclear technologies however with the current political and general population consensus about nuclear energy does it make sense to try a radically different approach to nuclear power production? Thorium has come up...
  5. E

    Can 7Li Replace Na in Fast Breeder Reactors?

    7Li can be used instead on Na on a fast breeder reactor?
  6. A

    Fast Reactors and Fast Breeder Reactors

    Hello, Can anyone recommend some resources for learning about the historical development of FBR's or on FBR R&D from a broad perspective? I've pulled down a number of journal articles but I'd like something more general to help be keep a sense of perspective. I have found some (for example...
  7. T

    Linear Vs. Exponential Doubling Time in a Breeder

    Hey Guys, From my understanding, the linear doubling time of a reactor is the time which the fissile nuclides in the reactor core double under a constant flux. The exponential doubling time of a reactor is the time it takes for the fissile material in a core to double if you take each atom...
  8. C

    In breeder reactors, do the plutonium-rich rods have to be processed?

    I understand that Plutonium 239 is produced when fast neutrons bombard the U-238 in the fuel rods of a breeder reactor. Does the plutonium immediately start producing neutrons to increase the controlled nuclear reaction, or do the rods have to be removed and processed for future use? Also...
  9. L

    Is there a thorium breeder reactor in the USA's Future?

    I have been reading sporadically about China's development of a thorium molten salt reactor. I am not aware of much activity in the US. Has anyone heard of the US building next gen reactors in the next 10-15 years? It seems nuclear power here is dead. Also is it true that the thorium...
  10. N

    Doubling time for Breeder Reactor.

    What is the doubling time for breeder reactor, and how its related to the , Power , Original Fissile load ,and The breeding ration "BR" ? .. if there is any online sources or recommended books about the subject for further reading. Thanks.
  11. S

    Why aren't more breeder reactors being built?

    It seems like breeder reactors are the "perfect solution" - effiecient use of fuel, higher energy returns and the ability to reduce storage time of nuclear waste from 10,000 years to 100 years. So why aren't more countries building breeder reactors? What problems (aside from political...
  12. N

    Practical approach to building a breeder reactor, help please?

    hi, i am interested in nuclear physics but i don't really want to delve into the complexity of it, so could someone please give me an idea of the practical approach to making a breeder reactor, i do not intend to build one, i just would like to know how i would do it if did want to build one...
  13. J

    Breeder reactors = Virtually limitless energy?

    Apparently "useable" uranium from ores is a somewhat small proportion, and using "breeder reactors" are able to utilize unseable uranium as fuel while producing more usable material. But exactly how much? Say all useable uranium will be used up in 100 years, if we used breeder reactors, how...