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Down time between graduating and working - depressed

  1. Sep 9, 2009 #1
    I was always looking forward to this period. University is finished and work is about to begin. However I ended up getting really depressed. Having found my degree went by fast, I'm not in touch with anyone from college either.

    Is this normal? I'm applying to a number of backups and reading alot but it all seems pointless.

    Is there something effective I can do with this time?

    I got a gym membership, got a number of checkups but i'm feeling incredibly useless in society right now.

    I spent so much time being antisocial should i meet new people? catch up with old friends? Or even family perhaps?
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    join the club mate,l yiou are basically describing my life over the past two months.

    I'm having trouble finding work in my local (ie not having to move from home) area and im going stir crazy.

    My main problem is I hate change and I (for lack of a better word) need a routine, best bet to snap out of feeling sorry for youeself is to rebuild a routine. For example i've taken up swimming and badminton again, so 3 nights out of the week I have something to look forward to. I have also set myself useful goals to keep my mind sharp.

    And yes, defnately get in touch with old friends, but remember to stay in contact with Uni mates you need to really make the effort.
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    It sounds like plain, old-fashioned boredom. So, yeah, if you've been neglecting your social life and have time on your hands now, go be social. Weren't there things that interested you while you were in school, but didn't have time to do? Now you have the time, and it won't last very long before you're back to working and not having a lot of time again, so go enjoy it while it lasts!
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    As I moved through university and into work, I kept in contact with very close friends. I occasionally talk to or exchange emails with friends going back to high school, and one friend who I new in 6th grade (~40 years ago). I value their friendship especially since we shared experiences.

    There are innumerable opportunities out there in the world. Locally there should be opportunities to volunteer.

    Exercise might help. In undergrad and grad school, I used to run distance, ride a bicycle, and on weekends play soccer or American football.
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    I was really depressed when I graduated with my BS and actually had a job. I had this feeling that I wasn't young anymore and got beaten down by the 9 to 5 robot routine. Thankfully I had grad school to look forward to, otherwise I don't know how I would have made it.
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    I cant wait to finish grad school and get the hell out. I need to start making some money, and I feel like Im surrounded by high school kids. I can't stand going to class anymore. I prefer to sit at home and do my research and learn whatever I need on my own.
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    Thanks for the tips,

    For some reason it seems time moves much faster after college.
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    ....... Woah. :D <33

    As everyone has already said just keep yourself busy. Make sure it's something you really enjoy doing so that it doesn't become tedious and make you even MORE bored with the current situation. Getting in contact with old friends would be a good thing, IMO.
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    thanks for the tips - will make an effort this weekend.

    In the meantime - this will sound weird, but I'm dusting off Introduction to EM by Griffiths - always wanted to finish that book.
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    Ian, everything is relative. I had to work my way through college, work never ended, ever. RELISH this time, enjoy your down time before you start on that treadmill that lasts decades. Go visit a place you've always wanted to visit, read those books for pleasure, pursue any hobbies you've postponed as they will be a solace once you begin work. Broaden your outlook beyond your chosen profession as it will enrich your life.

    I never got to do it and now that we've 'retired', I don't have the ability to do the things I want. We never were able to take the time off for vacations, hobbies and outlets were few as both of us had demanding careers. Life happens and is uncertain.

    Live the moment to the fullest, this is a golden time not to be squandered.
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