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Download very large files from the Internet

  1. Jun 28, 2009 #1
    I sometimes have to download very large files from the Internet
    my company network speed is not too fast to finish downloading them within one or two hours.
    As a subcomputer, everything in my computer once stored on desktop will be deleted after reboot.

    I am thinking if there is a way to download half a hugh file then store it, the next day when I am online I will continue for the other half.

    Thank you
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    Re: downloading

    Plug-in the usb, use a download manager that supports download pausing and resuming.
    When you gonna download that huge file, set downloading location as your usb.

    When you pause your download, your download chunk will stay at your usb, next time you resume it, it will continue downloading.

    But everytime that computer gets reset, you have to set your Download Manager's download location to your usb, and click the download link again.
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    Re: downloading

    or you could look for a download manager which does the work for you...like bitcomet (used for downloading torrents)...shutting down your computer and booting it does not restart your download, it continues it from where you finished...
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