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Drone building

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    I am planning to make a drone in near time. I have absolutely zero pre-requisite knowledge of the technical stuff and drone designs. I am going to start with a basic drone. Can somebody help me out as to how many types of drones are there, where should I commence etc?
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    It all depends on what you're hoping to achieve. The main factors will be requisite payload and size, flight controller capabilities, and budget. I would recommend a kit for a start, which would give all of the parts required to build one from scratch.

    Separately, you should also consider purchasing an inexpensive drone (max $40) from Amazon to practice your flight skills. You'll crash a lot when you first start, it's easier when you're crashing a cheap one first...
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    I asked one of my teachers to help me out, and he said that which kind of a drone you want to build? Propeller based.. etc
    Are there any different types of drones too?
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    Most drones (multi-rotor) are prebuilt. For specialized drones, you can buy components, frame, motors, propellers, controller, ... from drone component suppliers. As suggested for your first drone, you should buy a cheap drone that includes a self-stability mode.
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    Can someone please mention a list of all the basic components I'll be needing. I'd be most certainly glad.
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    Probably not, as the components you need depend on what you want to do with the drone. Obviously you'll need an air-frame, engines, and a way to control it. If you want to get any more specific than that you'll need to decide what you want to do with it. A tiny drone designed for indoors use will be very different from one designed to follow along behind a snowboarder, filming him as he rushes down a mountain slope.

    As you say you are completely new to drones, I suggest purchasing a 'Drones for Dummies' book or equivalent. That should give you a good general overview of drones. Until you learn at least some of the basics it's pointless to ask for a list of components.
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    For the basics you're going to need:
    • Frame
    • Motors
    • Motor Speed Controllers
    • Props
    • Flight Controller
    • Battery
    • Assorted wiring, mounting brackets
    You really ought to spend 3 minutes and just do a basic search on "how to build a drone," There are tons of resources out there. As before, I recommend you start with an inexpensive ready-to-fly model to learn the flight basics and crash a few times, and then either buy a pre-built kit or a kit with all of the parts necessary.

    Someone new to the area shouldn't try building one from scratch, you don't even know what kind of components you want yet!
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    Thank you for the wise words. Thank you everyone :)
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