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Calculate the load on an vehicle Engine

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    Dear Friends,

    Hi Everyone. I am Planning to Design a Special Engine. I got with an Idea but got Struck on Starting the Design. I do think many has the Same Problem "Starting Trouble". Could someone tell me where to Start the Engine Design? Please...
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    Show us what you have and where you got stuck. We need a lot more information.
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    I got Stuck from the very Beginning. I dont know how to Calculate the load on an vehicle Engine.
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    Hey Jana . I had a engine design project in my senior year. Decide the capacity of the engine (cc) and the required output power. Design the stroke length and diameter based on the cc. Assuming a certain overall efficiency, calculate the force required on the piston (ie, the maximum pressure in the combustion chamber). Based on the initial and maximum P and V, draw the PV diagram. That should hopefully give you an idea :-)
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