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During your spar time as physics majors

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    How many of you teach yourselves physics that has not be taught in your respective physics classes? Meaning, do a lot of you research or look into topics in physics fields like trying to understand why the corona of the sun is hotter than the photophere by going to the university library and checking out books on physics topics like solid state physics and astrophysics to figure out which physic topics interest you the most if you were a physics graduate student.

    I know I learned about the solar wind better when I checked out a book on the basics of the solar wind than going to some dry astrophysics class where the lecturer looks like he rather be doing his research than teaching to a bunch of sleepy eyed post-teenagers. I know I at least check out five books per visit to my university library and I am a frequent visitor.
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    Depends on the course load I am taking.
    I try to learn a little about a lot of subjects and topics when I do research on my own during the semester. I rarely go very in depth just because my classes need more attention. I tend to find myself reading more pop-sci books during the semester where as in the summer time I have more time to dedicate and can go more in depth. In the summers I try and brush up on math skills just reading through various books.
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    well, during the year I try to read the textbooks, and occasionally pop sci books... last summer I read Feynman's lectures on physics, I'm doing research with my professor this summer, but I can't figure out what I want to work on, im reading a Q and A style book (flying circus of physics) that's giving me a lot of ideas, the author is very humble, when a phenomena or something is not well understood he tells you that he couldn't find any satisfying answer and perhaps 1 or 2 theories
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