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DVD player remote=PC remote, possible?

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    I have a Zenith portbale dvd player remote control that is really cool looking and I was wondering if there was a way to redirect it to my computer instead. Is there any way to replace parts of it with that of a PC remote or-better yet- anything that could be changed without also having the PC remote? Especially- is this a matter of
    a. hardware
    b. reprogramming
    c. other
    d. not really possible
    Thanks for any suggestions. :smile:
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    So you want to use you dvd remote as a PC remote? Sure you can do that. What you'll need is an IR receiver for you computer. I'm sure you could find a USB or Serial receiver pretty easily. Just do a search on Froogle(froogle.com). Then what you'll need to do is write a program that relates the signal recieved by the reciever and the action you want to perform on the pc. This is more of a programming project then anything else.
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