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Homework Help: Dy/dx = xe^(y-2x), form differntial eqaution

  1. Dec 1, 2016 #1
    dy/dx = xe^(y-2x) , i am asked to form differential equation using this equation . the ans given is (e^-y) = 0.5(e^-2x)(x+0.5) + a , how to get the answer? btw , i have attached my working

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    Hi John, :welcome:

    You really want to
    • post in the homework forum
    • use the template
    • read and follow the guidelines
    I hope this reaches you before the mentors lash out: What's the difference between your solution and the given / book solution ?
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    I moved the thread to our homework section.

    Check your integration of 2x e2x, for example by calculating the derivative of what you used as integral.
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    The equation you wrote already is a differential equation.
    Based on the answer, the problem seems to be asking you to solve the differential equation.
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