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Earning an Associate's While Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree with Minor

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    I received an email this afternoon from my advisor explaining I have the potential to earn an associate’s degree while pursuing my bachelor’s degree. Currently, I’m majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematical Sciences; however, the possibility of earning an associate’s with no extra classes is intriguing. The overall concept of a minor versus an associate’s degree is a little confusing, so I wanted to get a consensus regarding the most valuable route to take.

    Would it be beneficial for me to go ahead and earn the associate’s degree in mathematics and continue pursuing the mathematical sciences minor? Should I get my associate’s in mathematics and change my minor to another interest? Or should I forget the associate’s and focus solely on my B.S. and current minor?

    Bottom line, I want to study subjects I enjoy while ensuring I am very marketable upon leaving the military (if I decide to part with it).

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    It's pretty unusual for a four-year school to even grant Associate's degrees.

    I don't think that an AA degree and a minor all very different. Moreover, I don't think they're seen as by employers as very different.

    Except in one way, maybe: a student can only earn a minor if they also earn a Bachelor's. An Associates can be granted as a stand-alone degree.
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    Ditto what lisab said. When it comes to job hiring, usually all anybody cares about is 'highest degree earned'. The only benefit I can see is if you want to show that you have 'credentials' in another skill set. If it really is no extra work (nor extra cash), then I'd say just grab the thing. Later on, you can decide what to actually put on your résumé - either Associate's or minor.
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