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Earth as an energy source & sink

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    dear Physicists

    An important thing that I had to clear my mind of is that of the energy
    balance here on earth itself, so my question is :

    1. Is it correct to generalize that KE, NucE, Heat that drives the
    plant came from the earth ( as an E source) and that its final form
    elctrical E can be discharge directly to earth or soil ( assuming no
    load ) as part of the energy balance law ( earth as an E sink).

    Some say that earth abosorbs electrons from space, if this true, then
    it can be said the same for electrons coming from power lines short
    circuiting to the earth or that of lightning.

    from there I can make another conclusion that :

    2. The earth is a big neutrally charged capacitor that electricity
    coming to it one point will be counter acted or neutralized (
    dissipated at that point)
    but by law of E conserv. It will "discharge" electrons to the
    distant plant, increasing currents inside the generator coils creating
    counter magnetic fields forcing opposite torque to shaft.

    Here it can be seen that the earth is sending energy which transforms
    into different forms: recoverable - EME, KE and unrecoverable -Heat
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    im not a physicist but i must comment
    you have an interesting thought here. are you suggesting that the energy discharged into our planet earth is "counter acting" the EM fields we live in that keep us from being burned to a crisp?
    and where is all this electricity going?????-is it powering the EM field?
    i thought moving molten lava produced a EM field.
    i am interested in your idea. it is interesting.

    i also suggest you look at my thread (slightly related to yours)
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