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Earth pulls with the same amount of gravity on every one

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    if the earth pulls with the same amount of gravity on every one how can we all have different weights the only way i find that it is possible id if in string theory that gravitons that are exchanged between atoms causes gravitation force but if gravity is as said in general relativity the bend of space by mass then how can we all weigh something different ?
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    Re: weight

    When you say "pulls with the same of amount of gravity on every one" you mean the acceleration (a) due to gravity is the same for everyone on the Earth.

    When you say everyone has "different weights" you are talking about force (f) which is a different thing to acceleration.

    The Newtonian euation for force is f = ma. If different people have different masses (m) but the same acceleration of gravity acting on them, then the force ma is going to be different for different people.

    There is not much point in talking about gravitons when there is no accepted consistent theory for gravitons.
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