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Earth Sciences for a math guy?

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    I will be entering my fourth and final year of study for my BS in Applied Math with a minor in Physics, and I have been looking into graduate programs to apply to. In my searches, I have come across a few programs that are interdisciplinary degrees between Math and Earth Sciences that looked pretty interesting:


    I was hoping that someone may have some insight to offer. Particularly, I was wondering what kinds of math I could expect to do if I went this route, and if it would be possible to focus more on theory or computation than experiment. I was also wondering if anyone knew of any similar programs that I could look into.

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    If you are interested in the Earth then go for it! The subject is very multi-disciplinary, there is definitely space for mathematicians.

    For climate science you will definitely need to do fluid physics. If you want to go into seismology or solid earth geophysics you will need inverse theory. The maths can get as advanced as you like, but if you want to get super advanced make sure you get a supervisor who is big on maths.
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