Earthquakes in Sao Jorge Island, Azores, Portugal

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  • Some 1,800 earthquakes hit Sao Jorge island
  • Experts fear stronger tremor, volcanic eruption
  • Authorities prepare preventive measures

Possible volcanic activity

Along the west end of the East Azores fracture zone, east of where it intersects with the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The east end of the fracture zone near Portugal and Spain is also seeing seismic activity.


  • IPMA-Seismic map(23Mar2022)_Azores,Portugal.png
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Got me scared for a moment with earthquakes on islands in the Atlantic.

Fortunately, this isn't La Palma where seismologists say a landslide is coming someday and with it a mega-tsunami in the Atlantic.

Was there any comment on potential tsunamis from the earthquakes?

It seems they are more worried about stronger earthquakes and/or an eruption.

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