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ECE options: nanotechonology and biomedic engineering

  1. Jun 13, 2013 #1
    Hello guys

    I am from UBC, Canada, eletricial engineering. After second year, we are currently declaring options:
    two in my particular interests are "biomedical engineering" and "nanotechnology & micro-system".

    I have already investigated about the courses offered by these two options. But I still haven't able to decide one.

    First, UBC is known for its med school. Therefore, one could conclude that the BME has lots of funding in their departments, and therefore, BME is a higher quality program in UBC here.
    However, in BME, we are studying about the x-ray devices and the how the electronics are are used in human body. For this part, I don't hate/like. But I do like to do some about the signal or communication. But unfortunately, communication is not offered in my school; but they have several courses which seem to be attractive.

    On the other hand, I don't have any passion toward nano either. Nano has bright future because almost every eletronics devices are aiming to become smaller nowadays. Also, I don't think this option is the focus area of UBC. Therefore, I couldn't decide.

    Yes. I am planning to go to grad school. What do you guys think
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    Generally speaking, you should not go into something you do not like.

    I am only mildly familiar with UBC's program (I go to the other university in Vancouver), so take this with a grain of salt. This page:


    says that you do not have to choose an option, and instead "complete a general degree in Electrical Engineering". Have you looked into doing that? Can you choose your electives so that you take a few signals/communications courses?

    Another possibility is to go down the BME route, but try to focus as much as possible on the biomedical signal processing aspects. That is, in fact, one of UBC ECE's major research areas:


    Looking at the BME curriculum, there are some signals courses in there, so perhaps you could use that as leverage to get a voluntary/co-op research position with one of the professors listed in the above page. This will possibly be helpful for your grad school applications.
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