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News Education influence on vote habits

  1. Nov 11, 2004 #1
    Somewhere in a discussion about Belgium, I understood following intriguing statement:

    - lower educated people were inclined to vote to the Democrats
    - highest educated people were also inclined to vote to the Democrats
    - the "middle field" was inclined to vote to the Republicans

    Any ideas why this might be so ?

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    I'm inclined not to believe that without some sort of validation, do you have any?
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    Very intriguing, I remember someone telling me how they're teacher voted for bush because he felt like 'he could sit down and have a beer with him'. I would expect more from a college graduate but oh well.
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    A quick theory:

    Lower educated people are generally less successful for a reason. They will continously complain about their situation until something is done. Since most Presidents don't do much about the lower class they will look towards whoever claims to be a new and better choice.

    Higher educated people just make a generally more intelligent choice and vote Democrat.
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    what are the middle ones who supposedly leaned towards bush?
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    Those who know somebody who can read and write :smile:
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