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EE looking to go into consulting (automation)

  1. Aug 2, 2013 #1
    A bit of background first,
    I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    I completed my electrician apprenticeship and received my ticket in summer 2012 and I just finished my first year of general engineering will be starting Electrical engineering in september. I am trying to find my direction in the field and currently I feeling interest in automation and control.

    1. I would really love to start a small consulting firm (after I
    receive my P.E) and I am curious as to the difficulty of starting a firm in the field of automation.

    2. I am working a summer position in process control working with a couple technician and I mostly help troubleshoot devices, put together engineering packages for equipment that needs to be replaced and update old drawings. So now my question is, as a engineer in this field I feel like I may be doing something else(I don't actually work with engineers). What is the scope of work for an engineer in this field and as a consultant?
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    Usually when people hire a consultant, they are looking for someone experienced in the field. I think you will have difficulty getting customers for your consulting business if you are fresh out of school. The usual route is for someone to work in their field for a period of time (10 years, 20 years?), then launch a consulting business, using their years of experience as a selling point.
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    Agree, with above. If you have to ask what the scope of work for a consultant in a given field is you are ill prepared to be a consultant in that field. My suggestion would be find a job in that field and reevaluate your options after you have some experience with it.
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    Well yeah when I said after my designation I mean 10 years after ive been in the field... I was looking to apply at a consulting company that advertise positions at my school until I know what I'm doing inside and out

    I would also like to learn what I can before hand so if I get the opportunity I may be able to do extra curricular work towards it like maybe plc training
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