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Engineering Safeguarding Self Against Automation in Career

  1. Jul 20, 2017 #1
    Hi all,

    For those of you who work in field like software engineering, data analysis, and other tech industries, what measures have taken to make sure you'll always have a job in the face of automation. I know at my core what I would want to do if academia isn't an option after my PhD is work in big data, IT, or some other kind of tech industry. What jobs do you feel are safe from being automated over the next several decades and how do you protect yourself from automation if you work in a field that may be automated sooner rather than later?
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    Become an automation specialist .
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    What jobs? I'll look in my crystal ball. Oh, wait...
    The only way to protect yourself is to constantly monitor work conditions and industry needs & trends, gain new knowledge, learn new skills, adapt and evolve to meet industry needs. And in my experience, be prepared to move where the work is located.

    For example:
    Many years ago a colleague bragged about his brother who was "in the IT field" and how he was in high demand and well paid for it. I responded "good for him" and mentioned that because he was in the IT field, he would have to constantly update his knowledge and skill set because of the frequency and extent of changes that occur in that industry. And that is exactly how it happened. 18 months later his knowledge was approaching obsolescence.
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