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EE student with Physics minor?

  1. Jun 4, 2010 #1
    Hello, i'm currently studying electrical engineering and going into my senior year this fall. I've always had a fascination with physics since im the type of person that likes to ask "why?". My main concern is that with a physics minor, I may have to stay an extra semester or two (not too big of a deal), but what type of benefits can I gain out of it (career wise)? I also thought about minoring in CIS but I absolutely hate coding but that seems to be a perfect match for an EE. Is anyone else in a similar position??
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    I have a BS in physics and MS in EE, and I found the physics background to be very helpful in my career. Whether it's worth another semester is a tougher call, but I would say yes. One other piece of advice - please try to get over your dislike of coding, since you will need to rely on computers in almost any field, and EE is no exception.
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    I guess i shouldnt have said "hate" coding. I understand the basic concepts and I know what i want to do when it comes to writing code, Im just not good with syntax of the different languages. It just annoys me :tongue2: Im currently taking power classes as well as control systems classes and that seems to be what I want to go into specifically, so im not really sure how much physics relate to these in the working world.
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    All depends on you. If you're in a rush to get out of school (for either a job, grad school, etc.), then maybe it's not worth it. You can always self study on your spare time when you start working. Alternately, one you get to grad school, you can take physics classes for your electives or just to audit them once you finish your other course requirements.

    Having a minor on your transcript may or may not help you get noticed; it all depends on the type of person reading it. Besides taking an extra semester, it definitely won't hurt. Of course, if you are able to land an interview, it's easy to talk about the extra course you've done and how they will help you on the job regardless of having a minor or not. In other words, you could just take the courses you want to take and not worry about the official minor.

    My overall view, when it comes to engineers, you can never have too much fundamental science under your belt.
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    I agree with all the posters but I'll add this. Get the degree which gets you out into the world earning money the soonest. You will have a lifetime to continue to study physics while the extra money will improve life for you and your future family. Your self-education should never stop after you earn your university degree(s).
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    It's not like people with engineering or science degrees are starving out there except, maybe, biology majors, but then again, lots of biology majors feed themselves into medical school so everything works out in the end. We already spend at least 4 years in school, 1 more year is not going to kill us.
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