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Effect of metamorphism on Earth's surface.

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    How is metamorphism responsible for the Earth's surface outlook?
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    hi there
    Welcome to PF :)

    Am trying to figure where you are going with this?

    Metamorphism occurrs at depth. we only see metamorphic rocks at the surface of the earth due to tectonic activity....
    Uplift during many earthquakes over the millions of years, folding and erosion of landscapes

    I dont see it as responsible for the way the surface of the earth looks

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    That's not entirely true. In locations where we have extensive metamorphic rocks, such as teh Canadian and Baltic shields, we have a very distinctive topography of comparatively flat land with many lakes.

    Where the exposure is more restricted in area the harder character of the metamorphic rocks is likely to see them higher than the surrounding countryside. The Scottish Highlands would be an example of that.
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    yes thats fair comment..... :)

    I guess I was looking at it from the other point of view that we only see the metamorphic rocks at the surface because of tectonic activity. So any visual/geological effect they have on the Earth's surface is a secondary outcome.

    I think that made sense ;)

    it would be interesting if the OP expanded on what they were wanting to know

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    This sounds a bit like a schoolwork question. Maybe we should ask the OP to give us their thoughts on the question...
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    perhaps the OP is referring to contact metamorphism
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