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Effect of oscillating magnetic field on diamagnetic water

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    I’m interested in the natural phenomenon of diamagnetism. I understand the general concept behind the magnetic interactions, but I am curious about the results of the following experiment:
    What happens when one places a large oscillating electromagnet (possibly superconducting) directly above a body of water with the axis of electromagnet normal to the surface of the water?
    Because the diamagnetic properties of water, it sets up a magnetic field opposed to that of the coil. Once the coil is oscillating at the resonant frequency of the water, does the magnet effectively produce waves in the body of water?
    I’m relating this experiment to that of the effect of resonant frequencies on buildings. I expect the amplitude of the waves on the water to increase due to constructive interference.
    I recognize the maximum frequency is limited by the impedance of the coil.
    Is the effect any different with a voltage applied to saltwater?
    I’ve been unable to find any documentation of similar experiments; any help would be appreciated.
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