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Sharks and magnetic fields, trying to learn from nature

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    Sharks are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields, attracted by low end frequencies and repelled or overstimulated by higher/stronger fields. I want to map the spectrum in between using and electromagnetic coil in the water with sharks. I have sharks and a boat but need help building the coil. If we can learn to read magnetic fields better, then we may better understand other natural phenomena.
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    Hi RMF808. smiley_sign_welcome.gif

    You would do well to research widely to find out what others have been doing in this field, as a guide to directing your own explorations. Because you specifically ask about coils I have moved your thread to Elec Eng, otherwise I would have thought Biology to be the best overall fit.

    Good luck! And try not to get bitten.
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    jim hardy

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    Gid you see that PBS "Nature" show ? A fellow had several little sharks in a backyard style above ground swimming pool.. just waving a big magnet near the outside chased them to opposite side.

    Field made by a coil is pretty well explained at

    As a detector, a coil will only detect a field that's moving or changing
    for a constant field like a magnet
    try a search on these words
    magnetometer, hall
    magnetometer, fluxgate

    there are plenty of hall magnetometer IC's out there, they're inexpensive
    fluxgate magnetometer is really sensitive but comparatively complex.

    a plain compass will be handy for experimenting with coils around your boat

    this is the best little book i ever saw for beginners in magnetic experimenting
    he explains magnetic units
    I built his " differential fluxgate magnetometer" , it was amazingly sensitive
    but i think you might do as well with a Hall IC based one
    probably you can buy a meter already built that's ready to use.

    Sounds like fun

    old jim
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