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Effects of Gravity and velocity on Time

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    I'm an amateur, but was wondering if you experts can help me wrap my head around gravity velocity and time; and the universe.

    If as gravity increases time slows down, isn't time faster on earth than on the sun? And faster, still in interstellar and intergalactic space?

    Also, if the universe is expanding, does that mean time is slowing down? How is time affected by galaxies moving apart from one another or for that matter from the location from which the big bang started?

    An please no one line answers like "it's all relative"

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    To us on Earth, time on the sun is slightly slower. In space it is slightly faster as long as the velocity relative to us isn't to high.

    In an expanding universe everything receding from us with enough velocity will appear to have their time slowed down, while we would appear to be slower because we are moving away from them. Also, the big bang had no single location. The big bang happened EVERYWHERE in the universe. It was the starting point OF the universe. A misconception is that it was an explosion IN space, when in fact it was an "explosion" OF time and space. There was not any space "outside" of the big bang if you will.

    Also, could someone move this to the relativity forums?
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