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B Einstein relativity is invalid

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    Need your help to unravel the claims made by a poster in my local forum, if it has any merits. I do not have the expertise to evaluate his claims but am hoping if you can give me a few points on his line of reasoning, if it is faulty or not. I have a general background in undergraduate physics.

    Thanks in advance.

    This is the website where the detail of the claims can be found
    [Link deleted by mentor]

    The author posted this in my local forum,

    By Chan Rasjid
    "I have written a short 5-page paper that explains simply why Einstein's special relativity is not a valid theory in physics. It could be downloaded as a pdf file from my website.

    "The Lorentz Transformation Cannot Be Physical"
    pages :5
    [Link deleted by mentor]

    Abstract. "The Lorentz transformation will always remain only as an abstract mathematical transformation that cannot be incorporated into any theory of physics. The reason being there is no natural principle that a mathematical transformation carries over association of physical units with real numbers from the domain space to the image space. Any application of the Lorentz transformation will only result in space and time that have no relation to our physical world. All physical theories founded on the Lorentz transformation are invalid. These include Einstein’s special relativity, particle physics, electromagnetism of the Maxwell-Heaviside equations."

    Best regards,
    Chan Rasjid.
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    It doesn't. His basic claim is that mathematically transforming the components of a vector from one frame to another doesn't take the units along, so to speak. But if that were true, it would apply just as well to the Galilean transformations used in Newtonian physics. So if relativity is invalid by his argument, so is Newtonian physics. Yet he accepts Newtonian physics as valid.

    It's not really possible to go further than that unless this person comes here himself to defend his position (if he can do so without violating PF rules).
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    Btw, I have changed the level of this thread to "B", which seems much more appropriate.
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    I'm sorry but we don't debunk pseudoscience or crackpots here at PF. Anyone claiming that relativity is invalid is simply incorrect. It's been validated an uncountable number of times (such as every time you use GPS).

    Thread locked.
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