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Einstein tensor fully written out

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    Does somebody know a link where the Einstein tensor is fully written out, i.e. only containing the metric and its derivatives? I'm just wondering how much is actually hidden in the notation.
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    There;s only message anyone can give: write it out yourself.
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    Yes, it takes ages. This is the Riemann tensor in terms of Christoffel symbols

    ##{R^{r}}_{msq}=\Gamma ^{r}_{mq,s}-\Gamma ^{r}_{ms,q}+\Gamma ^{r}_{ns}\Gamma ^{n}_{mq}-\Gamma ^{r}_{nq}\Gamma ^{n}_{ms}##

    the ',' before an index is differentiation. Contract on idexes r and s and you have the Ricci tensor, etc.
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