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Elastic Potential Energy to Aid Electromagnetic Induction

  1. Feb 26, 2015 #1
    Matter can neither be created nor destroyed...but potential energy can be converted into a different kind of energy. Let's say we have a spring with a mass connected to it. This mass is a magnet, and the apparatus is inside a copper coil. It's a horizontal magnet with friction minimized at the bottom. After the spring is pulled back, it is released and thus, it will oscillate for a number of times before it stops. Would it be possible to generate more electrical energy than the work it takes to displace the magnet each time the cycle is restarted? And if so, would it be theoretically possible to create an "endless" energy supply by taking advantage of a significant amount of electromagnetic induction? (Of course this procedure would not be very efficient...)
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    I think that you could do better with a proper reciprocating linkage (crank and flywheel) - if you want a reciprocating generator. A spring will just be storing some (half of the) energy so that it can induce a similar amount of power on the way back. In fact, the magnet mass / spring arrangement will be a simple harmonic oscillator which would carry on for several cycles once you stop squeezing / pushing regularly - very similar to a rotating flywheel, in its effect.
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    It is against the forum rules (see Info at the top of the page) to try to discuss free energy or perpetual motion. Thread is closed.

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