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Electric Charge on spheres suspended from an angle

  1. Sep 12, 2008 #1
    There is a picture for this question so I will try to describe it to my best ability.

    Two small spheres, each with mass m=3g and charge q, are suspended from a point by threads of length L=.22m. What is the charge on each sphere if the threads make an angle of 15 degrees with the vertical?
    a. .79µC
    e. .11µC

    In the picture there are two spheres hanging from the ceiling by two strings with length L and the angle between the two strings and the vertical is given.

    Any help would be appreciated...
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    Hi Kathi201,

    If the spheres are not moving, what has to be true for each sphere?
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    It would also help if you used a free body diagram for this question.
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