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Electric Conductors and Storage

  1. Mar 26, 2008 #1
    1. I am wanting to find more out about how electricity could be absorbed by some sort of conductor and then stored in a different containter from container a to container be. Saying that this were to be done from container a where electricity would be generated and roaming freely, needing to be absorbed and transmitted to container b. I know this is a weird question.

    2. I was thinking like an electric absorbing material at the core that absorbs the electricity? Then just route conductors from the core to a seperate container that would hold a large amount of electricity and store it.
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    Chi Meson

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    Please do not be offended, but what you are saying makes absolutely no sense. There is no "electrical absorber." There is no "freely roaming electricity." We can conduct electric charge from container a to container b, only if there is a potential difference between the two containers; this means, essentially, that charge will flow form a container where the charges are more tightly packed, to a container where they are less tightly packed.

    There are a few electrons zipping around our atmosphere, so there are some "charged particles" that are "roaming freely," but the available energy from these particles is zero, so there is no "electricity" to be retrieved from them. Any material could "absorb" them, but the same material wold lose them at the same rate.

    Please keep thinking, and ask plenty of questions, but also learn the basics of what is already known. Here is a pretty good online tutorial. There are better ones, but I'm not on the right computer right now (I don't have my bookmarks).
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    I know it makes no sense seeing how I don't know much. I like experiementing with things and sometimes it gets a bit dangerous. Like shocking myself. I am working on a project with my brother. I don't know scientific terms that good but am going to school so I can learn more. We know what we want to make, its just taking time while we learn how and learn the terminology and all that good stuff. I probably sound like a weirdo to you.

    Thank you though. :)
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