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Electric Field and Potential of Center of Square

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    Four Charges q1 = 1nC, q2 = -1nC, q3 = 3nC, and q4 = -3nC are placed at the corners of a square located in the plane xy, with size of length L 1m, as follows: q1 at (0,0); q2 at (1,0); q3 at ( 1,1); and q4 at (0,1). Calcuate the electric field at point P located in the middle of the square and find the electric potential at the same point!

    Could someone please help me solve this! thanks
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    Show some work please. What are the equations for the electric field and electric potential from a single charge? Are these quantities vectors or scalars?
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    how to solve this "charges of +6,+12and+24uc are placed at threecorner of square. what charge should be placed at the remainig corner in order to have zero potential at the centre of the sqare ??
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