Electric Field at a point inside 2 semi circles

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Homework Statement

I have this picture http://i.imgur.com/ek2N1dL.png
I have to find the electric field at the point inside 2 semi circles. The left semi circle has a charge of -3 micro Coulombs and the right one has +3 micro coulombs. The radius between the point and the circle is 0.2 meters.

Homework Equations

Electric field = ∫kdq/r2

The Attempt at a Solution

I know what the FBD looks like and how to solve a problem for one semi circle alone but adding that other piece is really throwing me off. What should I keep in mind when solving this?
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Use superposition. Find the field from each semicircle, then just add them up.
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Well, I'm really doubting myself here. I would want to say 0... but wouldn't that be only if they were both positive or both negative...?

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