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Medical Electric field effects in tne brain

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    This study presents evidence that the complex endogenous (internal) electric field generated by the activity of individual cortical neurons exerts a feedback which has a global modulating effect. The linked summary links to the full article (PDF). (The second link is a bit slow as this is a long article)

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    Great, thanks a lot. Now I have to add a mutual inductance term to my model.
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    Quite a few of them I would think.
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    Maybe i heard my brain's electric field switch off and on for a split second?

    One night when i was sleeping and for the first time ever while in a deep sleep
    (only way i can describe it but like a Physorg article said , it's really interesting
    how deeply/closely the mind and body is connected) anyhow as i was saying:

    That night while in deep sleep "something
    warned me that something was not right" It was as if i knew that i might not wake up again, as if my brain prepared me for my final moment. before i continue....

    I do not know what it is called, or what it is, and if there is a term to describe it.
    It is as if when you are fast asleep, you become aware of your life support system. That night it was as if i heard inside my brain that something was switched off briefly, I can almost compare it to it sounding like a television set being switched off briefly, then it it came back on almost immediately. Never had such an experience.

    But it was alarming and felt really frightening.

    Suddenly i woke up. I took my pulse and found that after say every 18th beat
    my heart skipped a beat, sometimes the skipping happenned more frequent.

    Since that day, my heart rate was fine and it never re-occured. I can tell you though,
    i probably never was so frightened as i was that night.

    I don't drink or moke and i was excersisng hard at that time, might've been
    over excersising? But i do not really excersise a lot these days, only walking and hiking. I
    have a history of strenious excersisng "if one could call it that" Maybe it had to do with over training and not enough rest.

    i never had any heart trouble history.

    Just wanted to share this, don't no why :) This is a great site, with many interesting people, and opinions.
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    What you've described does not sound like "your brain turned off", but rather something that is called a hypnopompic hallucination. The increase in heart rate was a result of surprise and fear, and the sensation of missing beats is called "palpitations" which is a response to anxiety and stress. You have no reason to be afraid for your life.
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    I am now going to see a doctor.
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