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Homework Help: Electric field inside an infinitely long cylinder.

  1. Apr 2, 2015 #1
    1. Prove, without using Gauss's law, that the field inside an infinitely long, uniformly charged cylinder is zero.

    2. Electric field of a charged surface

    3. My lead is that from a given point, I draw a very narrow cone to any piece of area on the cylinder, with distance r away.. That creates a piece of area dA, and assuming the charge density is σ0, that piece of area is inducting a field given by E = k*σ0*dA / r^2.

    Now I've tried to continue the line to the other end, but couldn't manage to come up with anything that would cancel the field..

    Any help?
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    If your point is not on the axis of the cylinder, your cone will have two different distances to the cylinder and cover two different areas.
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