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Homework Help: Electric field of infinite nonconducting sheets

  1. Jan 18, 2012 #1
    Hi, I am doing homework for my physics class and I think I am doing it right but the website keep saying I am wrong. Can anybody tell me where I am wrong? Thank you

    Two infinite nonconducting sheets of charge are parallel to each other, with sheet A in the x = -2.85 plane and sheet B in the x = +2.85 m plane. Find the electric field in the region x < -2.85 m, in the region x > +2.85 m, and between the sheets for the following situations.
    (a) when each sheet has a uniform surface charge density equal to +3.80 µC/m2

    When x< -2.85, E= -4pikσ = -4.3*10^5
    When x > 2.85. E = 4pikσ = 4.3*10^5
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    That's what I get too.

    Maybe you're expected to include the unit vector, [itex]\hat{i}\,.[/itex]
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