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Homework Help: Electric fields, Superposition, and Intervening Matter

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    So my physics textbook briefly mentions

    What I don't understand is: If the paper is put between the charges, those charges would induce a dipole, right? Since there are charges on both sides and "like-charged" which way would the dipole point. The book says the tape is attracted to the paper (which your left to infer creates a force pulling each piece of tape in towards the paper) I just can't visualize how this is possible and I certainly don't understand what the superposition principle has to do with it. https://www.physicsforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=39236&d=1316902478"
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    Just a guess. Maybe the dipoles nearer to the left surface of the paper will have the negative poles to the left, and the dipoles nearer to the right surface of the paper will have the negative poles to the right.
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