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Electric motors and motorcycles battry

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    can u modify an electric motor so that it uses a motorcycle battery as a power supply?how?

    and used for a grass trimmer...
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    Well a starter motor from a motorcycle will run quite happily off a motorcycle battery!

    Perhaps you need to pin your question down a bit more. What voltage is your motorcycle battery? What amp-hour rating does it have? What voltage is your grass trimmer motor supposed to run off? What power is it rated at? What are you actually trying to do?
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    im trying to design a grass trimmer using a battery as a power supply...voltage probably 100 - 120v..tha main thing is how to connect a battery to the motor
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    You're not going to get 120 volts from a motorcycle battery. You may want to rethink your numbers.
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    If you want to run your 120v AC trimmer off a motorcycle battery you can pick up an inverter at an auto parts store.
    The inverter converts the 12v DC to AC.
    How long it will run before the battery gets discharged depends on a lot of factors.

    Or something like this may be of interest
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