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Electric potential: finding speed and distance?

  1. Feb 27, 2009 #1
    A charge of 3.45 micro C is held fixed at the origin. A second charge of 3.45 micro C (micro = x10^-6) is released at the position (1.15m, .77 m).

    a. If the mass of the second charge is 2.3 g, what is the speed when it moves infinately far from the origin?

    b. At what distance from the origin does the 3.45 micro C charge attain half the speed it will have at infinity?

    I tried very hard to use the equations I know but am unaware of the ones that can be useful here.
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    What is the Voltage at the point it was released?
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    I dont know, thats all the question included...
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    That's not a given, but it's something you could figure out.

    And if you did ... you could answer the question pretty directly.
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    all I know for that is Q=CV which doesnt seem to help
    can you please be more specific bc you're not helping me understand this. thanks
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