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Homework Help: Electric Potential inside and outside a spherical Shell

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    1. Find the electric potential inside and outside a uniformly charged sphere of radius R, and whose total charge is q. Use infinity as your reference point. Compute the gradient of V in each region and check that it yields the correct field. Sketch V(r).

    2. I used the theorem that electric potential equals the negative integral of the electric field dotted with dl.

    3. They way I tried to solve this was that I said the electric field inside the sphere is zero and the electric field outside the sphere was from Gauss's law
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    Apply Gauss' law also in the inside of the sphere. It is uniformly charged. There is charge enclosed within any Gaussian surface inside the sphere.

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    The electric field is only zero inside of a conductor, your problem states that the object is uniformally charge which hints that it is a insulator.
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