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Homework Help: Electrical & Electronic Engineering ( Health & Safety knowledge questions)

  1. Apr 13, 2012 #1
    Hey all I'm new to this site and I gotta say after lurking around for a while and browsing this is a great site. I'm in my first year studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering and I got my heart towards getting into university to gain a HNC or HND.

    I have a lot of questions to answer (130 specifically) about Health & Safety such as:
    Wiring electrical equipment and circuits.
    Working safely in an Engineering enviroment.
    Using and communicating technical information and a few more subjects.

    I have a very short time to hand my work in and I'm not looking for the answers lol that wouldn't exactly make me a good engineer, but if anyone has any specific websites they could share would be a great help and save me a lot of time.

    What made me go into Engineering was my interest in renewable energy, I really enjoy studying E & E Engineering I think it's a great subject, I prefer the practical side a lot more but I'm sure who wouldn't. From researching alot about Electrical Engineers theres quite a alot of work in the U.K and abroad, I start my second year this september and I'm gunna learn a new langauge possibly french.

    If anyone feels they could share some good advice your really welcome.

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    Welcome to the PF.

    Google will be your friend on that assignment. If you Google the question, and maybe add a couple more search terms to narrow the search (often I find the term +tutorial helpful), you should be able to do most of the assignment fairly quickly. If you have a specific question that you are having trouble figuring out on your own, post it here and we will try to give you some hints or point you to a specific website.
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    Thank you
  5. May 21, 2012 #4
    E & E Engineering, Health & Safety questions


    I'm in my first year of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and I need some help with my Health & Safety Knowledge Questions, I've tried google without success.

    Out of a 130 questions I have a couple left:

    Why is electrical bonding/earthing critical?

    Why must electrical bonding/earthing be both mechanically and electrically secure?

    What problems can occur with the wiring operations and how can these be overcome?

    How do you use BS7671/IEE wiring regulations when selecting wires and cables?

    What methods are used to terminate electrical equipment?
    Such as: plugs and sockets, soldering; screwed clamped and crimped connections.

    I hope someone can help

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    Re: E & E Engineering, Health & Safety questions

    Per the PF rules, you need to show your work on your questions before we can be of tutorial help. What are your thoughts on each of these questions?
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