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Electrical Engineering to Computer Science

  1. Oct 13, 2015 #1
    I am currently in third year of EE and thinking about a masters degree
    but the problem is here , I've developed a thing for progamming and networking and thinking about switiching to computer science
    My question is this
    Can i go from EE to as CS for masters degree without having much knowlegde of CS
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    short and sweet... yes you can.

    The long answer is what do you want to do with your CS masters. There are still many paths you can take in CS. Do you still want to stay near the EE world, or do you want to work on front end user interface software. I recommend figuring out what program you want. Then look at the classes prerecs and find out where you're weak. then your senior year take an elective or two to strengthen those skills.

    I know people that have gone from
    ee-> ME

    you can do it, but the classes you take and the specialization you pursue might make it a harder road.
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