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Engineering Electrical vs Chemical Engineering

  1. Dec 9, 2011 #1
    Recently, I decided that I am going to do a minor in Computer Engineering (whether it's at Canada or here in Colombia).

    However, I haven't decided my major. If i win the scholarship in Canada, I would have 2 extra years to choose, but if I stay here in Colombia, I have to choose in May.

    Electrical and Chemical are the 2 majors I am thinking about right now. I don't know which one pays better here in Colombia, and in Canada i wouldn't worry because both pay incredibly well.

    I like more electrical in the sense that I like all the topics and because it might combine better with the minor in Computer Engineering.

    On the other hand, Chemical lends itself more to create a business. I really like a lot the areas of chemical I like, maybe even more than what I like the areas in electrical. However, there are some areas of Chemical I don't like.

    So what should I study? any advice?
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  3. Dec 9, 2011 #2
    go to mit ocw and look at some of the lecture notes and materials for ChE, you could easily waste a lot of time / effort taking some of those classes if you later decide that the program isn't right for you.

    however, EE makes a lot more sense with the CoE minor, and those two departments really have a lot of overlap.
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