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Electrically Inert Glue / Epoxy

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    Hi I'm looking for a super glue/epoxy that meets the following requirements:

    1) when hardens is very very strong and durable and very resistance to abuse either mechanically or chemically etc

    2) needs to be electrically inert, meaning that it should not be conductive or affect electronic circuitry in any way when applied on top of it, i.e. trace wires or chips etc...

    3) be relatively easy and safe to apply

    So does such a wonder glue exist?

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    Electronics grade RTV is used commonly, but it is not all that strong.

    We use United Resin F-82 epoxy for potting some of our products. It is quite hard and strong, and is compatible with electronics applications:

    http://www.unitedresincorp.com/adhes1.htm [Broken]

    However, if you are potting electronics assemblies or components, there are some *very* important considerations, in order to avoid some reliability problems. Can you say more about the application?
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