1. Faraj Sungkar

    Non-halogen fire retardant composite (Mgoh2 - Epoxy)

    Hello, I'm currently doing research for my thesis about non halogen fire retardant composite. One of the main result is deviate and confusing because: There is no fire retardancy's effect of Magnesium Hydroxide addition to resin epoxy. Why?Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. S

    Electrical DIY Electrical Feedthrough

    I want to build high voltage feedthroughs (vacuum) from epoxying pieces of alumina together, and then epoxying alumina strips on the outside to cover the spaces between. Can I use JB weld, as far as things go electrically? People have reported that JB weld is unexpectedly wonderful for vacuum...
  3. R

    Making a Nylon - Fibre Composite

    Hi, I was tasked to design a composite material that will undergo a 3 point bending test. Maximum deflection will be of 15mm and a maximum load of 5kN. The scope of this task is not to prevent failure but to analyse the composite and learn from the design process. Nonetheless the composite...
  4. B

    Designing with Thermal expansion in mind

    Hi, Im trying to design a tubular probe thats made of stainless steel (304), from what I've read it has a Thermal expansion coefficient of around 9.6 x10^-6 in/in/F give or take on the quality. I want to fill this tube halfway with an Epoxy, however from what I've read this epoxy has a thermal...