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Electrolysis Cell Design. (Not for Car)

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    Hello all.

    As the title has informed you, I wish to make an water electrolysis cell that can not only produce hydrogen, but also store it completely separate from the oxygen (Again, I promise you, it is not for fuel.

    Now, your probably wondering why I don't just make the typical one such as the one on the Wikipedia page (Sorry, to lazy to post a pic). The reason is (Or at least as far as I can understand): say you have an inflatable over the hydrogen out to harvest it, eventually the inflatable will grown to high enough pressure that it will simply push the water out the other end. Is there any way to fix this?

    I know I have done a poor job trying to explain what I have, but if you understood, can you offer any designs that can do this job? Thank you for you time!
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    In any case, you need a container big enough to hold the gas.

    But did you compute how much gas you'll obtain by electrolysis? The result - both computational and observed - uses to be extremely disappointing. That's why hydrogen is a good option for energy storage.
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    Hmm... I don't think I have portrayed my thoughts well enough. I will try and find a picture soon to help explain my dilemma.
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