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Electromagnet for an Arduino board?

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    I need to make an electromagnet that would generate a force to lift 1/2-1kg, and would use a current of 100mA, if not possible 200mA would be fine as an Arduino supplies a maximum of 500mA and 5V, and if 1kg is not possible then 1/2Kg would be fine, please help me in my calculation. and which material would make the best core, and please tell me how to calculate it?
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    You might something in the DIY project building Thor's Hammer:


    They use the arduino to control the magnet not to provide the current for the magnet. Notice in the article's diagram that there is one 9v powering the arduino and the other four 9v batteries are really 12v batteries to power the magnet.

    This part is controlled by the arduino and flips the switch to activate the magnet.
    • 60-volt solid-state relay
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    These are the types of projects that get me pumped up over Arduino! I'd love to be able to make projects in Arduino and apply them to my house someday. Like automated window blinds, umbrellas with rain sensors that open when raining, a moving TV with a linear actuator, etc.
    (Also I've never made a comment that wasn't a question or an answer in physics forums. I apologize if that's not what I was supposed to do)
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