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Electromagnetic elevation expectations

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    I am wondering the realistic expectation of a large, rectangular electromagnet, or series of them, to elevate a variable weight.

    Specifically, can an electromagnet be designed in a 76 inch by 80 inch platform and elevate a plate of the same dimensions that can hold a maximum of 400 pounds?

    Secondly, if the design is feasible, would it be cost feasible for the materials?

    Thank you so much.
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    Yes. Actually, it can be much smaller. See the electromagnets used for scrapyards, they are smaller, can lift more, and don't even need a special platform.

    What is "feasible" for costs? Different applications will have different limits.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    I need the base to be that specific size though, and to be able to levitate a platform that same size.
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    Well, it can be smaller. Making it larger makes it easier.
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    Excellent! That's what I was hoping for.

    Thank you very much.
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    Can you direct me in the way of making this happen? I'm having trouble finding design plans for something like this.
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    Lifting loads of that size with an electromagnet should be done by equipment built by an expert.
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    Say you make an electromagnet with an E shape, a total cross section area = 1m2 and a magnetic induction = 1T, it can elevate an iron plate about 41000 kg. ( 74000 pounds ). The force is proportional to the magnetic induction and the cross section area.

    So obtain an E shaped iron core and calculate number of turns and required current by means of amperes law. ( Remember about 0.1mm airgaps ).

    Don't use higher magnetic induction than 1T, or the iron will saturate. Calculate it to elevate 400 pounds+30%.

    Keep your feets at some distance during test. :wink:
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