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Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Poster

  1. Feb 9, 2004 #1
    You may find this poster of "The Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum" of


    This poster includes all known ranges of EMR including Gamma Rays,
    X-Rays, Ultraviolet light, Visible light, Infrared, Microwaves, Radio
    waves (ULF, VLF, LF, MF, HF, Long, Short, HAM, VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF), Cosmic
    microwave background radiation, and brain waves, all organized by octaves.
    The audio frequency spectrum is also included. Descriptions are included
    for of all ranges and properties of EMR including reflection, refraction,
    LASER, television, emission and absorption, also a handy SI units chart
    from yocto to yotta.

    The size of the poster 24" x 36".

    In the spirit of open source, the LaTeX and C code used to generate this
    poster is also available. I encourage you to make comments or additions
    for the next printing. The poster is also available as a PDF file that you
    can download and print for free.

    Have fun,

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  3. Jul 6, 2011 #2
    This has all the info. claimed and that's a problem. It's too crowded. Does anyone know where I can get a long poster that is simple - just radiation ranges, frequencies and wavelengths?
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