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Electromagnetic with Covariant method

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    Now I'm studying Electromagnetic we started to study the EM with the Covariant method (contravariant method too) we use cgs units almost of time
    so I ask if someone can give a hand to with recomendation to where study the notation and the mathematical aproach of EM by covariant method (EM + special relativity)

    Sorry for my English but my native language it isn't English

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    THE source: Landau & Lifgarbagez, The Classical Theory of Fields. This is Vol. 2 of The Course on Theoretical Physics. Anyone with more than a layman's love of physics should make themselves, at the very least, aware of the ten volume course. Chapter 1 of this volume is the on the theory of relativity. Be warned, the entire series is notorious for it's amazing physical insight, terse presentation, and lack of enough examples to help learn problem-solving techniques.

    At the same level is Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics; however, the covariant formulation isn't introduced until ~Chapter 12. If you have not seen covariant EM before, then it might be best to start at the undergraduate level with Griffiths' Introduction to Electrodynamics. He introduces the covariant formulation in the very last chapter.
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    If you don't mind the ict notation, Schwartz's Principles of Electrodynamics is excellent. In fact, my favorite book on E&M.

    I would second Landau & Lifschitz and the relevant chapters in Jackson. There's also the little book by A. O. Barut, which is still very modern in outlook.

    Some SR and GR books may also be helpful, like Rindler or Misner, Thorne & Wheeler.

    See also the thread in this forum on field theory.
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    I've been reading BoThide's for a while now and I'd recommend you also use some other book like F.E. Low's to supplement it. Personally I am using Schwinger, Landau, Low and Thide and am reading them side by side because I can't find any one book to suit my needs.
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    Thanks for mentioning Bo Thide's book.
    It is really nice.

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    Also look into Jerrold Franklin's book. It looks good.
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