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Mathematical methods for physics and engineering

  1. Dec 7, 2013 #1
    Hi everybody. I am studying Biotechnology (B.Sc.) and we only have one course of Calculus and one of General Physics. I would like to continue my study with am M.Sc. in Computational Science or something similar so i need to study more math and physics (so first of all math!). I found the book by Riley "Mathematical methods for physics and engineering" and many people wrote that it has all the math a student need during a B.Sc. in physics or engineering. Is it real? I mean: if a study it am I at the same level of one who study physics (concerning math of course)?
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    I took a look at the table of contents of the book.It covers all of the mathematical techniques needed in undergraduate physics.Also a good extent of the ones needed in graduate physics.So yes,its OK.
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    Mathematical methods in the physical sciences - Mary L BOAS

    This book came highly recommended by a few posters here and I have to say i'm finding it incredibly useful.
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