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Electromagnetism & Higgs Boson

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    I wanna get caught up in this discovery and of course it would more "legitimate" if I better understood what the standard model is.

    So I'll ask some slightly random "Yes/No" questions.

    Are the "Gauge Bosons/Force Carriers" that have mass "supposed to be" mass-less? But from observation/experiments/math it's "seen" they have a mass. Is this where the Higgs boson (or field?) comes in?

    A fully charged battery has more mass than a fully discharged battery. Is that mass attributable to the Higgs Boson?

    Is the Higgs Boson why an electron has a mass?

    Unless you think it would help me, just yes/no answers would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    An electron has a mass because the Higgs FIELD exists AND (...)

    No one knows why the electron has a mass, or why its mass has the value it has. But it is clear that if the Higgs field did not exist, the electron would be massless.
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    Cool stuff!

    Thanks for that reply Bill.

    Exactly the depth I was looking for. Maybe down the road those why questions will be answered.
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    With qualifications: yes.

    With qualifications: no.
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