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Job Skills Electromedical engineer interview

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    Hi guys!

    I have an interview tomorrow for the post of an electromedical engineer where the job would deal with installation + maintenance and repair of medical imaging machines like CT scan, X-ray machine, Ultrasound, MRI etc.

    It is an entry level job & training would be provided if selected.

    I was just wondering what sort of qns i should be expecting at the interview.

    Thanks in advance.
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    if i may add, the interview is with the engineering dept.
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    Hey fremble I dont have a answer to your question but the job posting seems very interesting. It looks close to what I want to pursue as a career as far as what you described, maybe more on the R&D side. Can you elaborate more on your education background? So far Im interested in an M.S. in medical physics but need to decide on a major/minor first. Im thinking a major in biomedical engineering and minor in physics.
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    Hey zman35.
    I've done my B.Eng in Electrical and Electronics.
    As per my experience, this degree can lead to alot of paths in the future.
    May it be power engineer, electromedical engineer, Telecomm engineer etc
    Have you spoken to any university department lecturers/heads about your interest and how best to take things at the undergrad. level?
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    My guess at some of the technical questions would involve how do the machines that you'll be working on work?

    There'll be the usual HR type questions too... Why do you want to work here? What makes you a good candidate? etc... What do you know about our company...?
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    How much does such a job pay?

    I'm thinking of leaving medical physics.
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