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Electron acceleration and kinetic energy

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    an electron in a TV picture tube is accelerated through a potential difference of 10 Kv before it hits the screen. What is the kinetic energy of the electron in electron volts when it hits the screen?

    ok, so i know how to work this for Joules and i get: 1.6 x 10 ^-15 J. Now i am not so sure about converting this to eV, I looked up a conversion on the internet and found: 1 eV= 1.6 x 10^-19 J so is it correct to say that the answer is:

    1.0 x 10 ^4 eV

    any help is appreciated.
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    Yep. You can also write it as 10 KeV.
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